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Mountain Mama

So just what is wrong with the Pirates this year? I thought trying to follow the Pens was depressing enough.

But it's only April 11th, for God's sake, and the Bucs are already eliminated from the playoffs!

What's happening??


You had me there. Good stuff.

Gotta admit though...your restaurant has some nice views. And pierogie races. And one-off Primantis.

Daryle Ward hit a homer yesterday. But he was in a Nats uniform when he did it.

pointy stick

If everyone would just give in to the fact that the Pirates suck BEFORE the season even starts, just think of how much aggravation we'd be saving.

It's easy to do kids.

Just stop caring. I did about 18 years ago, which was the last time I was ever at a ball game.


Just remember - if/when Adam or Kate inexplicibly become fans, let them gush about THEIR Pirates (who just might be winners by then). Don't pass your boycott onto them.

My Pop gave up on the club in the 50's, and it took me until 1989 (at my dying mom's request) to get him to go to a ballgame with me. We go together several times a year now. It's quite an unexpected bond.

What I missed with him until then....


And here I was, searching what's left of my brains for such a restaurant in Monroeville. (always looking for a new lunch spot other than the ethnic joints my coworkers have hooked me on)

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